October 31, 2008


I love Halloween and even more now that I get to see my little girls enjoy it so much! Hope you had a wonderful day too.


Jennie said...

Hi Anne! I was so glad to find your blog link through Crystal's. We recently started a blog also..

Sounds like you had a fun trip to CA--what a beautiful family.

DC Roses said...

Wow! I was doing a little surfing and found your blog link! What a pleasure to see your beautiful family, and how much it has grown! Our hearts and prayers are with you guys, all the way from DC. So just know you have people who love you from all over country. :-) I love the pictures of your girls! They are simply stunning, and I am delighted to be able to watch them grow. Tell Ward that Paul says hi. We miss our Cleveland friends.

Paul & Rebecca Rose

Sarah Buma said...

To Love and Dreams, Anne...Cheers! I love you!

Curry said...

Anne! You are so beautiful! I always thought you were so pretty but you are even more so now! It doesn't seems like it's been 14 years does it?!? You were such a good example to me during our teen years and I took a lot from you while reading your blog. Thank you! You are an amazing person! Your girls are adorable (look a lot like you) and I can tell you have a lot of love in your home. I think K.P. was tired of me asking about you so she directed me to your blog. It was neat to see Max and Diana and their families also. Life is a miracle to me! Just wanted to say Hi and let you know you have been and will continue to be in my prayers!

Karla said...

Great pictures Anne! Your girls are so cute!

CaffeeFam said...

What cute costumes and even cuter girls!! Love them. Give them lots of hugs and kisses and tell them that we miss them SO much! I miss you SO much too. Love you!

Shelley said...

What cute little trick or treaters. Hope they got lots of treats!