October 6, 2008

Hi Everybody,
I know you haven't heard from me for a while and are probably wondering why I haven't updated. I don't know, I think it's because I get sick of talking about it, especially when there's nothing earth shattering to say. I wish I could just say Everything's Clear! But not yet. I finished radiation in the beginning of September and since that time I haven't had a doctor's appointment or anything. Dr. Gonzales, my Dr. from Colorado--and the one in charge of my care--said "after you finish radiation you pretend for 2 months that you don't have cancer. Just live your life." He said this because they won't even be able to see what's happened with the radiation until two months is up. So, I took him at his word and I've really tried to just forget about the word Melanoma all together. However, it's kind of like having a big invisible tornado looming over in the corner of every conversation. I'm trying to ignore it and most times I do great. My scan will be at the end of this month. For now I'm just really trying to enjoy my girls and Ward.

MaLeah and Maiya and I have been taking walks in the morning and it is the highlight of their day (Mine too). Our favorite place is the canal road up above our house. It is a dirt maintenance road for the canal that over looks all of Ogden and south toward Salt Lake City. The views are breathtaking and I can't believe how lucky I am to live right here. The leaves are changing and it's cooler. I'm not looking forward to snow because then we'll be stuck on the city streets, or inside.

Ward and I have been dating. We've gone out without kids once a week for almost a month straight. I can't believe how fun it's been to just be with him. Last week we grabbed some dinner and walked along the Ogden River Parkway. It was beautiful and I can't believe we've never done it.

We've planned a trip to take the girls to Disneyland and this has been very good for me. The anticipation might just be more fun than taking them--I hope not--but it's sure fun to plan. We're going in a couple of weeks. The week we come back I have five Dr.'s appointments set up. So, we're going to really enjoy our time away.

I hope this note meets you with joy in your day. I feel so grateful to have you as my friends. Love Anne

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