December 1, 2008

Tonight we were sitting on MaLeah's bed just getting ready to get everybody to sleep when out of the blue MaLeah said, "How did the baby cow get out?" Ward wide -eyed responded, "Out of the Mommy cow?" Then in a split second he realized what he'd said, I burst out laughing and he said, "Oh, you mean out of the fence?" The girls looked back and forth between us like what are you talking about? It's good they're just wondering about fences for now.

We're doing well. I'm starting the radiation process now. I get to have a lovely brochoscopy to inject gold seed into the tumor in the sub-carinal region (the area above my heart). After those heal over and imbed themselves into the tumor then they'll go ahead with the radiation.

Today we also visited Now Care for MaLeah. She had to have some blood drawn. She was so brave and the nurses were floored that she didn't cry at all. After we were all done she asked "Was I braver that McCady?" Oh my word was she. There is no way McCady would've just laid there like she did. She is a strong little girl.


Amie said...

Hi Anne--I was thinking of you today. Hope all goes well with the new treatment--just in time for Christmas, right? Blech. We are all thinking about you and your family. Nice cow story. We have a few of our own around here--not cows, just funny near slip-ups. . . :0) I miss you!

Karla said...

Will the brochoscopy put you in bed for a few days? What is the recovery you need for that?

Anne said...

I'm not sure if this is how to respond to a comment, but this is my best try. The bronchoscopy shouldn't have much involvement in the way of recovery. I've had one before and it wasn't too bad. I'm hoping this is the same. We're thinking the first of next week will be when that happens.

Shelly said...

Love the cow story. I'm trying to avoid that conversation for as long as I can. It won't be much longer and I'll have to to spill the beans. Good luck w/ this next stage of treatment. Just one step closer to beating this thing right? You are awesome. Love ya.