May 11, 2009

A monologue by MaLeah as she was waiting for her ride to preschool this morning.
(I was wiping off the countertop and trying to remember every word.)

“I would sit by Taylor today. She’s nice, but Eli always kisses her. I tell him, Eli stop kissing her. It’s gross. But then he kisses her and kisses her and I think he just kinda wants to marry her. I’m not sure if Taylor wants to marry him. But he kisses her and I think it’s because Taylor’s so cuter than me. She’s so cuter than all of us. That’s why he likes to kiss her. It’s gross. Maybe I can sit by Emma.”
I break in, “You can sit by Taylor too.”
“Yeah,” she says, “I can sit in the middle. Maybe then Eli won’t kiss me too.”

Diana and Carin and all the other preschool mom’s I hope you’re laughing. I’ve never seen Eli kiss anybody, but I think it’s cute and funny anyway.


Karla said...

That is a crack-up! :) I have never seen him kiss anybody either but that is the cutest conversation she had. I am glad you remembered enough of it to pass it along!

Heidi and Max said...

Too precious! It is so funny when little children talk about boyfriends and getting married, etc.

Give her a squeeze from me.
Love ya,