August 9, 2009

If you know me you know that I love to read. But if you know me really well, you know that book groups never work for me. Why? I don’t read adult books, or inspirational books or educational books. I like to read kid and Young Adult books. So this week I jotted down some novels that have really stuck with me. Books that have made me think. Books that have made me better in some way. My sisters asked me to list an age next to the books, so they’ll know if their kids can read them. I did my best.

Books that made me think:

Mrs. Mike—Benedict and Nancy Freedman—I can honestly say this is one of the only books to EVER make me cry. (12)

I am the Cheese—Robert Cormier—I still have images in my mind from this man’s writing. I hated the Chocolate War. This was the best I’ve read of his. (15)

Slumming—Kristen Randle—Love all her books. But I especially liked this one (14)

The Only Alien on the Planet—Kristen Randle—This was the first YA novel I ever read and just fell in love with. (14)

Goose Girl—Shannon Hale—Probably the book I’ve read the most other than the Book of Mormon. I love it. (10)

Princess Academy—Shannon Hale—Oh I don’t know how anyone can not read all of Shannon Hales’ books. The scene where they chant the history of their village is the best of all. (12)

Book of a Thousand Days—Shannon Hale—Mongolia! This is set in Mongolia and I absolutely loved it. (12)

The Way He Lived—Emily Wing Smith—Emily is a new author and I can’t believe how real this book seemed to me. I was engrossed in it from the beginning. (15)

Out of the Dust—Karen Hesse—This book is all poetry. Hesse weaves an unmatched beautiful story. I read it in one night on the floor next to my bathroom. I think I cried in this one too. (12)

Esperanza Rising—Pam Munoz Ryan—Munoz Ryan has a way of putting me in Latin culture. Her stories always have light and a beautiful ending. (10)

The Giver—Lois Lowry—Okay I’ve read this more than Goose Girl, but less than the Book of Mormon. I taught this for many years and I think it is an awesome story. Everybody should have read it in Middle School. I still love it. (10)

Gathering Blue—Lois Lowry—a sequel to The Giver. (12)

The Devil’s Arithmetic—Jane Yolen—Oh I LOVE Jane Yolen. She is one of my favorite authors of all time. (12)

Ella Enchanted—Gail Carson Levine—So much fun. Too bad the movie had to mess it all up. I mean come on—Anne Hathaway doing disco? (10)

A Wrinkle In Time—Madeline L’Engle—My music teacher read this to me for the first time when I was in 5th grade. I still love everything about it. (10)

Speak—Laurie Halse Anderson—Pretty gritty. Deals with rape. But it has such a good message and resolve. (15)

Enders Game—Orson Scott Card—Who couldn’t love a book about a video game that is really a war out in the universe? (14)

Stargirl—Jerry Spinelli—I love it. (12)

Holes—Louis Sachar—The movie totally did this book justice. I love both! (10)

Al Capone Does My Shirts—Gennifer Choldenko—I was surprised by this book. It’s middle grade and historical fiction. Did you know people actually lived on Alcatraz??? (10)

Becoming Naomi Leon—Pam Munoz Ryan—Again Munoz Ryan just has a way to suck me in and make me want to understand her world. (10)

Pure Enjoyment

I have to list the books that Ward loves. We’ve read all of these together and they are just so fun.

Fablehaven (1-4) (11)

Harry Potter (1-7) (11)


Moffitt Family said...

Hey Anne - I want to read the story you won an award for in the League of Utah Writers! I remembered reading one of your book drafts in Cleveland and googled your name to see what would pop up (that's where I saw your award). Belated congrats!

K.Booth said...

Anne, Great List!! I Loved Mrs. Mike, one of my all time favorites. Have you ever read Beauty by Robin Mckinley?? I have probably read this book more than any other book, it is YA and so fun, It is the story of Beauty and the Beast, but told from Beauty's perpective, it is a pure delight to read. I tried to get the Eden Book club group to read it, they took one look at the cover (it is a dated cover, it kind of looks like a harlequin romance novel) and they said no way!!

MKG said...

Wow! I've never heard of anyone who read Mrs. Mike! I loved it too and I need to read it again (it's probably been 50 years since I read it!).

I'd love to read the story you won an award for also! Share, please!!!

Josi said...

Loved Mrs. Mike, all the Shannon Hales, and The giver. Some of these others I haven't picked up, but I need to. Fun list.

Jennie said...

Thanks for the great list, Anne. I just read Goose Girl a few weeks ago and loved it. I'm headed to the library today with your list!

John Petersen said...

Wish we lived nearby.

Rip Curl Mom said...

I love to read as well. I am excited to try a few of these. I have read a lot of them. One of my favs is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I have it if you ever want to borrow it.

Nikki said...

Yeah, Mrs. Mike was awesome. I think I've read it three times since jr. high. I even made my friend read it a year ago. She has never read any of those classics our teachers made us read in jr. high and high school. Another good one that I like is "My Antonia." I bought that in high school and had to read it, but never did. I kept it and read it years later. So many good ones!
And what's this about a story you wrote?
We've got a lot to talk about.

Halls Family said...

Ok, so we have the same taste in our literature! I love so many of the books you have listed and the ones I haven't read are going on my must read list! Have a good week, love ya!

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Great list. I've read a lot of these, and am familiar with most. You definitely have good taste.

Penny said...

I am a Shannon Hale fan too, however, I just discovered her in this spring when our book club read The Goose Girl. So far, my favorite Shannon Hale book is A Thousand Days. I still have one more to read and I think she has a new one out too.

Not sure about The Giver though. When you have time, send more lists. I am always looking for good book ideas. I like YA fiction too. I think that in my brain I still haven't graduated from Young Women's and am kind of stuck there intellectually. :)

Heidi and Maxwell said...

YEAH! I love that you did this. Now I have a fun list to work with rather than just hoping they are good. Thanks.

I loved the comments the girls made about the bees. ha ha

By the way, sorry we were so late on Sun. we were under the impression it started later. We will come earlier next month.
I love you!

outoftheloop said...

Enjoyed your list. I am going to read a couple of the ones I haven't. Love reading Enders Game, Stargirl (this was really good for Olivia to read), The Giver, and Holes are on my book shelf.

Scott and Kourt said...

We have read most of these books in our book club and I love them! Maybe, we are kids at heart (HEHHE) I was not so fond of Ender's game. I do like Olsen Scott Card, he writes well. I had a hard time with all the war, you have given me hope, I will read it again. Thanks for the list the few books we have not read I am going to introduce at Book club.

Aimee said...

Anne, you and I clicked when we met and started talking books, especially YA books. There is something that this genre can capture and teach. I LOVE all the books you recommend. Have you ever read "The Headless Cupid" or "The Egypt Game?" I love your writing, your rhythm, the way you use the words. Your girls will love this list and reading them someday. I am thinking and praying for you and your family tonight. Love you - Aimee T

K said...

Anne - I'm so glad you enjoyed my book. Thanks for including me in your list.

K Randle