Fund for Anne's children

Dear Friends,
Ward wanted me to let all of you know how grateful he is for your friendships and interest in following Anne's blog. It has been a source of comfort to know that Anne was able to reach out and expand her circle of friends through all of you. Ward will be posting a few updates as soon as he can. Several people have expressed the desire to donate to a fund for Anne's children. If you wish to do so a fund has been set up in her name. The name of the account is:

Anne Creager Charitable Account Fund
America First Credit Union,
PO Box 9199,
Ogden, Utah 84409,


Non monetary gifts or cards can be sent to
1690 No. Washington Blvd. Suite 1
North Ogden, UT 84404
If there are questions or concerns regarding this charitable fund please contact Diana Caffee at 301-803-0409


John Petersen said...

One of Anne's friends, Sarah Buma, posted this message on my blog and I thought it was so nice that I wanted to post it here. I hope Sarah doesn't mind. I especially like the part about the color white with glitzy gold glitter, sounds like Anne to me too.

"You don't know me, but we both love Anne. We were friends in Cleveland. I was her counselor while she was the Primary President in our little branch in Ohio. Then, she was released as that and became the Gospel Doctrine teacher while my husband was the Sunday School President. Since then, we have moved to Alaska. Yet, even in this distant land, Anne reached out, often. I loved her emails, great ideas, humor and testimony. I've loved being a part of her life. So many people love her so much, because she knew how to love. I was talking with a friend that I visit teach, telling her about Anne's magic--how wonderfully kind and angelic she is, and how much I'll miss her. My friend asked to see a picture of her. It turns out that Anne was her EFY counselor many years ago. There are hearts all over the world aching. But because Anne is who she is, she would have us find something to smile about. So, we are celebrating her--through the tears. This morning my son pointed out that one of his crayons has a really long name. He read it to me, "white with glitzy gold glitter". He said, "usually they are just blue or red or something regular". I told him that's exactly the color of Sister Creager. She's as pure as temple-white, but as modest as she is, she was a sparkling, fun, beautiful person that made the world full of light. When you gather with your family this week, please know that there are MANY praying for you all. We KNOW that Anne will receive compensation for all she has endured so faithfully...we're praying for all of you (and us) who will miss her so much. If you're ever talking to Ward and the girls, down the road, tell them the dolls we sent the girls a year and a half ago are "forget-me-not" dolls. I told Anne, and we talked often, via email, about ways she could help the girls remember that Heavenly Father will always provide a way...He will also provide a way for joy to overcome sorrow. She didn't want for things to turn out this way. We talked about how every time we take the sacrament we renew our capacity to Remember the Savior...and it is HE who makes eternal families possible. Forget-me-nots are Alaska's state flower and the native dolls I sent the girls are from the story, "Mama, Do You Love Me?" She loved us all. I know Anne left many things for her girls to help them cope. But it will be OUR job, as those who knew Anne, to remind them that-- YES, THEIR MAMA DOES LOVE THEM!!!"

MKG said...

Thank you John for posting this letter. It was almost like reading Anne's blog! Very touching and very true!