August 17, 2008

On Saturday we attended Nathan Belcher’s funeral. Nathan was my sister-in-law Heidi’s brother. He was 36 years old and had a beautiful wife and two cute little boys (3 & 7 months old). Nathan was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma one month before me. I’m telling you about him because I have come to know three other people personally with this disease. Two of them, Nathan and Tracy, have already passed away. I want you to know this because I want you to see the miracles I see. Throughout this year we have prayed and pleaded for miracles and we have truly seen them. I have felt your prayers and the strength and faith you have exercised for me. Recently the doctors have been confounded by my success. It is what we’ve been working for—but they can’t explain why things are working the way they are. Last week I met with a Radiation Oncologist who reviewed all of my medical history and all of the scans and tests and all he could say was “Wow . . . wow!”

I’ve been so sad over the loss of these two wonderful people. After all my prayers asking that I will recover--now I’ve asked Heavenly Father why he is blessing me. The only answer I can really understand is that we all have a plan. We are not in charge of that plan—God is. I know that He must’ve needed them with him right now. I know they didn’t pray any less than I did, but I can’t deny what I have witnessed in my own life. From little details like me changing insurances and being guided to specific doctors and treatment centers; to huge miracles like seeing my scars heal over (and knowing what was there)and tumors literally shrinking from one test to the next.

I’m not free of it yet, but things are looking so good. My results came back for the MRI and the Thyroid biopsy. The MRI was clear and we celebrated over that one. The thyroid is not Melanoma (we are so relieved). It is Thyroid cancer—but we are NOT worried about that at all because Thyroid cancer is so slow growing and so treatable that they can worry about that when other things are taken care of.

I began the process of radiation on Tuesday. They injected gold seed into the largest tumor left in my lung so they can pinpoint it with radiation. The other tumors are so small and they seem to be still reacting to the biochemo, so we are just going to just watch them. Something I’ve learned is that this is all a bunch of guess work. They aren’t positive that those small tumors are Melanoma—they won’t know unless they metastasize or grow larger even under the treatment, so don’t worry about them doing nothing about them. I’ve had exceptional care and still the doctors are helping me with every step of this process.

I went to the store with three little girls today. I never knew how fun it was to have the freedom to walk around Target. We even stopped in to see Daddy on our way home and they thought that was so fun )It’s the first time we’ve done that in at least 8 months). I love you so much and hope you are seeing the miracles in your day today—because I know they’re there.
Love Anne

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