July 21, 2008

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written. We are doing well. It’s been six weeks since I’ve had Chemo and I’m feeling really good. My energy is coming back and so is my hair! The girls and I don’t do much everyday, but we do all the important things. We are reading the Secret Garden out loud during quiet moments of the day and McCady loves it. We spend plenty of time reading other picture books too and playing. I’ve started teaching McCady piano again. My immunity is doing better. I’m getting out. I loved spending time with family over the 4th and I’ve gone to part of Church twice. I’m getting tired of waiting in the car while Ward takes the girls in to Costco or Smiths, but that will come. I have been shopping for shoes online and I realize that this might become a habit for me. Not having to keep track of the girls or keep them from hiding in racks of clothes is kind of nice.

After my last scan Ward and I made the decision to try to keep all the care we can here in Utah—specifically radiation because that’s what’s next. I went back to see my Oncologist here in Utah and I’m glad I did. He recommended that we have a PET/CT scan before we enter into radiation. He said that the CT scan I had before is fine, but it only shows anatomy. The PET/CT will show metabolic activity, which would show if the remaining tumors are actively growing still. Either way it will give us more accurate information before we begin the radiation.

This has been a mess with getting insurance approval and we’ve had more delays than we want, but now we know I will have the scan on Friday, the results on Tuesday and then we will meet with the Drs about radiation. If they feel comfortable with performing the radiation here in Utah then we will stay here. If they don’t then we will make plans to go back to Colorado. The tricky part is the section attached to my heart. I know they do this pinpoint radiation all the time, we are hoping they just sigh and say, “We see this all the time. We’re experts.” Actually what we are hoping and praying for is a miraculous clear scan that would mean remission.

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for the miracles and the blessings we’ve had throughout this year. We can see why things have happened a certain way. We love you all and are continually grateful for your prayers and thoughts. I hope you know that you are so important to me. Love Anne

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