February 22,2008

I just wanted to send an update. I have been allowed a trip up and down the stairs, so I wanted to give a little information. I feel a bit loopy from the medication I’m taking, but still I want to have my family and friends know what’s going on. Thank you for all the prayers. You will never know how much we have needed them and how much we have felt them. Last week I ended up going in for my surgery on Saturday which worked out perfectly, so Ward and I could get some things in order.

Joseph Graham is one of the best Thoracic surgeons in the area and we were so grateful that he was the one doing the surgery. On Sunday he came to talk to me and he told me details of everything that happened. First he told me that the biopsy that they had done last week had not been successful because when they opened me up they found that the tumor was not inside the lung. So all the tissue they had biopsied was normal lung tissue. When they got in there the Dr. said it was more than he’d anticipated. The tumor was actually as big as a football. It had attached itself to the bottom part of my lung and the pericardial sack (which is the sack that is surrounding the heart). He said that things got a little intense when they removed the tumor because they found my heat had been so compressed that they were worried about it. He was able to get the tumor out intact and he was careful to remove the places where it was attached because he didn’t want anything to be left behind.

They sent the tumor to the pathologists and I began to recover. My hospital stay was less than desirable and I begged to go home on Tuesday. That meant on Monday I was to get the chest tubes removed and I had to get off the epidural and on to oral medication so I could go home. It was a terrible day. Finally Tuesday I came home and my kids were still at my Mom’s. It was probably too soon for me to come home, but I didn’t care I WAS HOME! It was the best feeling to be able to sleep and just have Ward there taking care of me.

On Wednesday they called and said that the Pathologists were very concerned. They have no idea what the tumor is. They said they can guess. It could be a-melanotic melanoma or spindle cell sarcoma. Neither of these things means anything to me. They are sure it isn’t typical melanoma. They have sent the biopsy to the Mayo Clinic ( I’m not sure which one—just the one that deals most with pathology).

So we are doing pretty well for the week we’ve had. I am recovering and we have lots of help while Ward is trying to go to work. I’m trying to stand up straight, but the incision they gave me is 10 inches long and kills. It’s hard, I’m not lying, but we have faith that things will be okay. Neither of us are scared or worried. We know that things will be okay, and that Heavenly Father’s in charge.

Please keep praying for us. I probably won’t reply to emails as it’s taken me most of today to write this and send it to you. Please don’t call still because my kids are really feeling the affects of everything. We are grateful for you all. Love Anne

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