February 9, 2009

I haven't been able to update over the last week, mostly because I feel like I've been hanging on for dear life on a rollercoaster. So here's the update of everybody:

Maiya: Maiya's birthday is this week, and since we're going to be gone we celebrated on Saturday between my trips to Colorado. I've tried for weeks to get her to tell me what she wants for her birthday. Every time I asked all she'd say was, "Long hair." I should've gotten her a wig, but I couldn't find a decent one. But she's so cute and she was completely ecstatic about decorating her own cupcake, opening a 12 Dancing Princesses DVD and dancing around the living room with her sisters during her birthday celebration.

MaLeah: She is trying really hard to ignore everything about Colorado and treatment. She glows when she gets to escape to preschool. And she's happy when she gets to lie in her bed and have me tickle her cheeks. If you know her you know about her brown eyes that are so hypnotic they suck you in and melt any heart. Well, she's wielding them now so I'll just cave in any situation and just hug her to death.

McCady: Lost her two front teeth this past week. She's so excited. Despite his prowess for teeth, Ward is pretty big on having her pull her own teeth. She pulled them both by herself, even though one dangled there for two days until she got up enough nerve to rip it out.

Me: I flew to Denver on Thursday--had a PICC placed, an MRI, a CT and several other preliminary things. I flew home on Friday and we celebrated Maiya's birthday. Sunday Ward and I drove to Colorado. It was a long drive. I drove all the way to Laramie--Wow, and not in the New York City type of WOW! I've never seen such a windy, dry, cold city, but I was really glad we made it there--since my low fuel light had been on for 14 miles.
This morning we're going to the hospital where I'll be admitted until Friday. It should be something--even if it's not fun.

Ward: I think he's got a new appreciation for his own driving after letting me drive that far. He took the wheel in Laramie and I wasn't sad. We were both happy to make it to Loveland CO. He's ready to sleep on the couch/sofa in the hospital room. My mom loaded us up with enough DVDs to last until next Christmas.

We're doing fine. We're grateful for your thoughts and prayers. We're grateful for this treatment and hope it does all it's supposed to do. Have a great week. We'll update next week.


Halls Family said...

Isn't losing teeth so much fun? I love to see my kids toothless grins, it makes me giggle! Mitch always loved David to bring home some anesthetic so he didn't have to feel the pain of pulling out his teeth. Emily, on the other hand, loves to just twist and pull and yank and twist some more until hers finally come out. We were at a bball game Saturday night and she worked on a loose tooth all night. She was afraid to pull it out at the game, so made the final yank on the way home. I adore little kids and their wobbly teeth!
We put your names in the temple. I pray the Lord will shower you all with blessings! We love you! Good luck!

Lasting Memories by Marjean said...

Dear Anne and Ward

Our prayers are with you both and your sweet little girls. We love you both and hope that all goes well this week. I hate that you have to go through this at all but I am thankful that there are doctors willing to do what it takes to help you get well. Good luck and know that you both are thought of often and that we will continue to pray each day for you all.

Sending much love your way!


Diana said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Just wanted you to know. Good luck with everything and hopefully I'll get to talk with you soon.

Heidi and Maxwell said...

Tell Mc Cady Andrew is now missing two front teeth too, (the bottom middle two). Wouldn't that be such a cute picture!!! We really need to get back there.
I hope all goes well this week. You are always in our prayers! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....well, you get the point :)

Brodi Ashton said...

I'm thinking about you all the time. Good luck with everything.


Shelly said...

So fun to hear about the girls. I hope all goes well in Colorado. I send you best wishes and love!

Amie said...

Oh, Anne. We have traveled that long path through Laramie at least ten times. Sometimes through Colorado on the I-70, sometimes through windy, far-away Laramie. Thanks for the update. Josh just lost his two front teeth on the top, too. And I know what you mean about the eyes. Mia has brown eyes that smile and make you hug her. . . I love reading about your family. Praying for you and hoping this treatment does what it needs to do. Love you!

Josi said...

I hate losing teeth--my own and my kids. I try to be strong for them but, yikes, I just hate it. I'm proud of her for pulling them herself--that's big.

hugs and prayers and cancer-sucks thoughts coming your way. Thanks for the update--and the photo shoot last week, it was so fun.

Holly said...

In my prayers every day (mulitple times) Love you both.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

What great descriptions of your kids, but then, you've always been a beautiful "describer." Take care, and please know our thoughts and prayers and love are with you.

Claysons! said...

Dear Anne- i think of you every day, knowing you are going back for treatment. i am crossing my fingers, saying prayers and doing everything else i can to bring you success. i really hope all these tests, trials [of all kinds] and treatments create a miracle. you and your family are so courageous! i love the little family moments you share - the simple things are just the best, aren't they? your girls always seem so delighted and happy i can just imagine the fun of princess dvd's because they are such cute princess's already! you are in my thoughts. hugs, hugs, hugs! Becki

John Petersen said...

Great to hear from you. My love and prayers are with you always.

Karla said...

Bless your heart Anne for taking the time to update! Good luck! We love you!

David L Carver said...

Ann, not a day goes by that we don't think of you and that sweet little family. We love you and keep you in our prayers.