June 8, 2009

I promised to send pictures of our new place. I'm not sure the pictures can do it justice.  Even though the chemo treatment has kind of taken over the fun this week, it's still nice to wake up with the windows open--birds chirping etc. We feel like we're camping, just waking up in a comfortable bed with nice bathrooms, a leather sofa and a flat screen TV.  I managed to get high speed Internet, the sink to drain (really Ward did it), the garage door to work (Ward again), and my kids to put their bikes away when the rain starts pouring(Okay Ward again, but some of me).  We have no TV service yet, but do you know how much DirecTV is for a two year contract?!?  I'm not sure we're signing up--videos, streaming KSL and PBS kids online are working out pretty well so far.  So do you want to come??? 

Go ahead. Drive up the nice country lane (or is it down, can't remember).  It's seriously about 10 times longer than this   

Take a look to your left . . . isn't she cute? My brother-in-law Alan said this spot was more beautiful than any scene he saw in all his travels across Germany last week. I wish it wasn't so overcast, so you could see the colors.
Then the farm house is on the right . . . 
The view from the front porch isn't that bad, can you see now why we feel like we're camping?
I'd love to introduce you to our nearest neighbors . . .
These kids who are TERRIFIED of little cats, and docile dogs have no problem with Rhino, Smartie, or Concern.
Literally sixty steps (okay long steps) from our front porch you get to see the best view in Ogden Valley, reserved entirely for the Creager's cows, and us.  
We feel so lucky to be here.  My pictures can't show you how beautiful it is.  Don't you want to come visit??    

I am doing pretty well.  The Chemo took a couple of days to kick in.  When it did, it really kicked.  I was not well for a few days. I know I shouldn't have, but I went to church. I barely made it through, and somebody hugged me.  Yikes! No hugs or shaking hands, I know Mary.  Even though I know nobody would care or miss me if I wasn't there, that's the point! I want to meet new people and not be viewed as the sick lady who lives down the lane.    

 We are doing well.  Hope you have a good week! 


Jennie said...

Anne, It looks so beautiful! Keep posting pictures, they are lovely!

Di said...

Yes, I do want to come visit and I think i will. How about in 2 weeks. Get those little girls ready, Bella is so excited to see them it's pretty much all we talk about. I took her to work with me last week and she told every single resident all of her cousins names. I love you.

njfroerer said...

Okay--Anne, I am now officially blog stocking you. I had know idea that you were so sick on Sunday. You sure hide it good. I'm glad I didn't give you a big squeeze:) You are amazing and I am so excited to get to know you. We are so happy to have you and your family in our ward and neighborhood. I do have to say that you live in the most beautiful spot in the Valley.

John Petersen said...

Wow! I love the lake. Wish I lived by one. Hope you love it.

Our family is blowing your family kisses,


Karla said...

I can't wait to come and visit some time and see your beautiful place! I was just reading a letter this morning from my missionary cousin and I thought of you. So, I took the liberity of copying a part of the letter and pasteing it here.

"The mission is not always joy and happiness in the way that i kind of imagined it to me before my mission. It is a roller coaster. and you never know when or where then next sharp curve is going to take place. however I have come to learn here in my mission that those curves are not necessarily bad things. In fact they all have a purpose and a learning experience behind them. If we can some how find a way to push through whatever trial we have to deal with, we will eventually will see what the Lords plan was for it all. President Smith had an interesting analogy. He used child birth. Child birth is one of the most excruciating pains than anyone can feel. I am blessed that I never have to feel that! haha Anyways his question was...even after all that pain, how quickly does the mother forget the painful experience? The answer is probably the same for most mothers. That pain that they felt is replaced with a beautiful blessing to their lives, a new born baby. I guess the moral of the story is that most of the time we can look back on our pains and see them as some distant past, the pain long forgotten, because of the beautiful and wonderful gift that we have been given for what we had to endure. I know that one day....maybe long after this life, but one day, we will be able to look back at how difficult this life was, and almost laugh because if will be almost like it didn't happen. We will be so blessed for our perseverance and faith that we had here on this earth, even when we couldn't see any end in sight." --Ryan

I hate to see you go through all that you are but at the same time can you even imagine how blessed you are going to be?!? When you live in your mansion of gold you will have to come and visit me in my humble little cottage. :)

Sarajane said...

it looks wonderful. we will have to have a swim party at my parents house soon. we are envious that you are in the valley.

Josi said...

You better be careful about issuing too many invitations AND showing pictures. It's gorgeous up there! Wow. I'm glad you guys are settled and I hope the chemo is lightening up a bit.

Penny said...

It's beautiful! I'll come visit when we get there. Hope you are feeling better. I'm glad you are posting again. We've missed yoU!

Holly said...

If that doesn't inspire you to write (and take pictures and paint) nothing will-- wow...Anne- that's lovely.

Karla said...

Wow Anne,It's so beautiful there. A place right out of the big picture book. I'm coming to see you and bringing cornbread. I miss you.

Thanks for posting even when you're not feeling well.
love you,

Scott and Kourt said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I am sorry about the chemo. so did you sale your other home? And where do you live now? We would love to come and visit. It is beautiful what a little piece of heaven here on earth.

outoftheloop said...

Wow! We want to come visit. It looks like a beautiful place to live. I don't know what it would be like to breathe fresh air every morning.
We hope you start feeling better.

Heidi and Max said...

Oh Anne, I can't believe you find the time or energy to keep posting. You are so sweet. I love the pictures and YES, it is absolutely gorgeous up there. That is what I wanted to find when we were looking to move, but apparently "perfect" isn't close enough to the airport. ha ha, oh well. I hope you are enjoying the peace and quiet of the earth and the joyous laughter of your beautiful girls.

I love you!
Feel better