July 15, 2009

After last week’s terrible bout with low blood counts, shots and transfusions I was ready for a good week. I’m really grateful for good friends stopping by, a new friend inviting us for a play date (even when her own kids were hiking a mountain with their grandma—she invited another friend over to meet me and my kids—very nice.) It just seems like when I feel better my outlook on life is better.

I had to laugh at McCady, who asked me for a hammer and nails on Monday. “What for?” I asked. “I’m building a 4-wheeler,” she innocently replied. I went outside and sure enough she had all the ingredients to build a 4-wheeler: a piano dolly, some sticks, a yoga ball and some sidewalk chalk. When I told her Dad would freak if she put nails in his piano dolly she calmly asked for some glue or tape.

MaLeah has mastered her two wheel this week. No matter how many times Ward and I have shown her how to start, she just doesn’t think we know what we’re talking about. Instead of doing it our way she figured out a way of her own. She skates her feet along until her bike wobbles from side to side in a crazy freefall, then right at the last second she lifts both feet off the ground and somehow works herself into a stable ride. Stopping on the other hand hasn’t been so smooth. She thought that jumping off the bike at full speed was the key, then she tried using her dad’s truck as brakes. It’s a good thing our old green friend (and Ward) doesn’t mind another dent in its side.

Maiya has decided that she is a rooster, up with the sun. She climbs into our bed around 5:30 and though Ward tells her to go back to bed she usually climbs in next to him, pushes her feet in his back and tells him to scoot over. He forgets our rule about no kids in the bed and tries to catch a few more minutes of sleep. When he gets up and goes to work she cuddles up next to me and tells me to read my scriptures out loud. It’s really cute.

Wednesday was a perfect day. My friend Charlotte watched the girls while I went to my writing group. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to go. After a fun lunch with Charlotte the girls and I went to see Ward at his office on my way to the doctor. Since I haven’t driven for two weeks this felt like utter freedom.

I know seeing people you know at the doctor’s office isn’t always the best thing, especially when it’s an oncology office, but Richard McConkie, my good friend’s dad was the first person I saw. I can’t help but smile to see this wonderful man who once came to my rescue when I thought my car had broken down. He kindly showed me how to fill it up with gas and didn’t call me a dumb college girl at all. Then I noticed my wonderful friend Dulcie Carlile, whom I worked with 12 years ago in the WSU payroll office. I wanted to cry with joy that I’d seen her after all these years and cry again because we were meeting up in Dr. Gray’s office. Finally a big burly man, Warren, who I’d sat by during my last infusion (not Frank) stopped me and asked how I was doing. I wanted to hug the guy. It’s good I gained one friend out of that day.

I was feeling so well, that on my way home I decided to stop and get my drivers license renewed. My friend Kelli had told me it was a breeze and she was right. The high point? They didn’t make me take a new picture with a bald head. Even higher? My weight’s down because of my crazy diet, so for four years I’m legally that weight—ha!


Josi said...

It was SO great to have you at writing group--thank you Charlotte for making it possible! You look great, blad and all.

Josi said...

That would be BALD--bet everyone wants to join our WRITING group now that they know how brilliant I am, huh? :-)

Karla said...

It is so good to hear about McCady and how she wanted to build a 4-wheeler and her bike riding adventures. What a cute fun girl she is.