March 19, 2008

I just wanted to update you all on Anne's condition. She is feeling terrible however she has not thrown up for 20 Hours (small accomplishment). She is still my lovely Anne from time to time and shows her caring self to reach within her for a brief smile when the Dr's come in and at new shift changes for staff. A smile with this treatment is quite an undertaking, but that is Anne.

Today she is sleeping more comfortable but still miserable when awake. I think that her condition will remain like this until Friday and even Saturday. I forget once in a while and think that she is going to get better over a few hours. She will wake up and try to converse with me but it is always futile and she winds up dozing or I loose her with my excitement to talk to her. It will be good to get through the awful treatment weeks and get her on her road to normal mental capacity.

Anne and I are each others best friends and many night in the past we will stay up late at night and talk for hours into the night about many varying topics. This has always been true bliss to have such a relationship with someone I love so dearly. We always paid for being up late at night together and never ran out of things to share, but it was always worth it. It will be good to do this again.

I love her, and I know that the Lord loves her perfectly and hates for her to go through this as much as I do. I am grateful for His thoughts and feelings, through the holy ghost, that come to us in our times of sorrow, grief, happiness, joy and need. How grateful I am for the whisperings of the spirit that come from He who fully understands, knows and loves perfectly. What a blessing that we have to know of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, his atonement and plan of happiness for our families. Thank you for all your unselfish love, thoughts, and prayers for our little family.


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