March 7, 2008

Today we got our results back from the PET scan. We had been praying for a clear scan, but deep down I knew there was going to be something there. Dr. Gray was very direct, he barely greeted us when he entered the room, he just went over the report with us. So here are the logistics of it all, I have a few other tumors inside my right lung. One’s about the size of a walnut, the other two are small. I also have some lymph nodes in the subcarinal region (near the heart) that are affected. There is something within the thyroid that they are not sure is melanoma because Melanoma doesn’t usually exhibit itself in the thyroid. And finally some lymph nodes in the pelvic area.

We are very happy to learn that no other major organs have large tumors in them. And we are glad to know that they got so much out with the surgery that was done. I’ve been on the phone all day and we (Ward and I) are going to Colorado on Friday to meet with some doctors and make plans for treatment. I have been so grateful for all the people who have done so much for us. There have been so many people fasting and praying and sending cards and trying to help us. I am so grateful for that.

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