January 14, 2009

I really think I have ADHD. I function normally when I have 3-4 books I’m reading at one time, 4 projects to complete, and 5 people I need to take things to. So, lying on a table for an hour and a half every day for five days in a row really makes me anxious. Not to mention the fact that I have to drive an hour to get there and an hour to get home. I solved the problem of driving by reading my friend’s book manuscript to my Mom (who was the one who was actually driving).

The first day I took the Tale of Desperaux on CD. I thought it might be good to listen to—after all they made a movie out of it. But then I realized that the first time I read it I hadn’t loved it. After the first CD was over the therapists didn’t know what to put on next. They’d asked me if I liked Carrie Underwood before the session and I said yes. So they put on what I kindly refer to as Chic Country (kind of like Chic Lit, but more along the lines of the stuff that makes me turn the channel on the country station when these kinds of songs come on). I didn’t hear one Carrie Underwood song—but if I have to listen to one more Susie Boggess tune I just might scream, but that would mess up the machine.

So I’m finished with the days of radiation and I’m really grateful I was able to have them. We are leaving tomorrow for Colorado. We’re taking the kids and Ward’s sister Katie is going to come and watch the kids while we’re in Drs. appointments. The minute the Drs. heard about the growth and received the scans they told me to get back there. Double in size is not what anybody wants to hear. We’re doing fine.

Ward spoke at the adult session of Stake Conference on Saturday night. For those of you who aren’t Mormon this is a huge meeting for just adults, combining in our Stake about 8 congregations. It was a hard week to begin with, but this just kind of put him over the edge. He did a really good job and it was very touching to hear him speak of turning to the Lord even through adversity. He doesn’t wish for this assignment again—neither do I especially in a week like this one.


Lasting Memories by Marjean said...

Sweet Anne,

I love you!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful example of beauty and love and faith. I hope all goes well in Colorado. Be careful and I will keep prayers going up for you and Ward and the girls. Keep your chin up.

Much Love,


Josi said...

Good luck in CO--you're in our prayers. You'd think that with all this Ward could get OUT of having to speak in Stake conference too :-)

Holly said...

I am sure Ward was an inspriation to everyone. As are you. Will be thinking of you and praying constantly while you are in CO...
love you.

Amie said...

I can't imagine what you are going through. Actually, I do imagine it, but I know that all you go through is probably much more difficult amd intense than I am able to imagine. I hope that pain you feel stays away and that the docs in Colorado are able to help you. I love you. We're praying for you always.

Laurie Jones said...

Anne, good luck in Colorado. I sure have been thinking about you a lot lately- I hope things go as well as they can.

I did have to laugh at your Susie Bogguss (sp?) comment. You brought some memories back for me. I used to listen to her a ton when I went through my "country phase" in Jr. High. Funny.

I am praying for you guys!!

Penny said...

Good luck with your treatments. We will have you in our prayers. Thank you for blogging this. I'm so glad that I know what is going on and can at least pray for you at the right times. We love you lots!


Claysons! said...

Dear Anne - I can't believe you're going back to Colorado. I'm so glad they are willing to help you keep up the fight but I wish you didn't have to go through all that harsh treatment again. I'm praying for you and happened to put all of your family's names in the temple when i was there the other night. hope it helps! I love you! Becki

Halls Family said...

Keep fighting Anne! We are right behind you with our prayers. I hope the doctors in CO take good care of you and are a little more compassionate than your SL doctor:) Good luck and God bless!